Stevie on stage in 2015, photos by Paul Searing.

The True Sweetheart by Arthur Rackham // “Silver Girl” by Fleetwood Mac

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Christine on stage in 1976.

That doesn't excuse Stevie from being a marriage wrecker.

I never said that, but I also don’t know if she ever actually wrecked any marriages.

Stevie on stage at the Captal Center in Largo, MD – November 25, 1979.

Stevie to me is/was the epitome of that white woman thing where they’re ultra affectionate and touchy feely with their female friends but would be insulted and defensive if you suggested they were actually into women lol

I disagree I don’t think she would be insulted at all? Maybe flattered even, but she was just exclusively into men, sometimes multiple men at the same time (meaning overlapping relationships) and she wasn’t picky either; ugly men, older men, married men, rock stars, our girl was busy.


A Parisian Beggar Girl by John Singer Sargent // “Enchanted” by Stevie Nicks

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Fleetwood Mac, 1976.


Fleetwood Mac photographed by Sam Emerson – 1975.

Hello 🙂 Can you please make a photoset of Christine's best hair and fashion moments throughout the years? Thankyou!

I would love to but not right now, I’ll try to post a set sometime next week, I’m kind of swamped atm