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“She means every word she’s singing, you know,…

“She means every word she’s singing, you know, she can’t sing a song if she don’t mean it. And that’s what I like in singers the most is, that believability, more than anything I think, makes a great singer.” ▬ Tom Petty

“And if there’s anything really to say about t…

“And if there’s anything really to say about time, real love doesn’t die.“ 

Stevie Nicks on her friendship with Tom Petty, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” official music video commentary.

February 26, 2002: Stevie and Tom sing at the …

February 26, 2002: Stevie and Tom sing at the “Concert for Artists’ Rights” at the Forum in Inglewood.

Stevie and Tom photographed during the ’…

Stevie and Tom photographed during the ’Highway Companion Tour’.

Stevie talks about the loss of Tom Petty at Mu…

Stevie talks about the loss of Tom Petty at MusiCares 2018. 

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Stevie’s full speech at the MusiCares Pe…

Stevie’s full speech at the MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Fleetwood Mac. 

Video credit: Eddie Cito (Facebook page). Please don’t remove credit.  


2017 in Review: Stevie Nicks

What a beautiful and successful year this has been! It’s definitely worth remembering… With new songs, over 40 concerts, multiple interviews and public appearances, Stevie fans have every reason to celebrate her magnificent career in 2017. (And always!)

Thank you Stevie for all the music, the stories, and the magic. Thank you for lightening life, lighting the lanterns and the little fairy lights and keep us going.

• January 21: (Interview),

‘I was so sick — I couldn’t shower. I almost died’, The Times UK | (Link | scans)

“A friend told me that when you retire, you get smaller. Small means old, so I fight it with a sword. I’ll be on stage, dancing around, thinking, ‘Now, let’s see… how old am I again? 110?’ And it blows my mind! But I would be so bored if I wasn’t doing this.”

• February 7: (Article), ‘40 years after Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours,’ Stevie Nicks is still one of rock’s biggest icons’ | (Link)

“All the while, she has paved the way for women in rock, and has simultaneously been exemplary to women in general, with her good-naturedness and her ability to overcome all sorts of obstacles — while still finding incredible success. She uses this success as a platform to share what she has learned as a woman in the rock genre, and simply as a student of the universe.”

• February 8: (Public appearance), Stevie attends the gift lounge at MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Tom Petty during the 59th GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. | (Photos)

• February 10 (Public Appearance, interview, live performance), MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Tom Petty | (Photos, videos, interviews)

• February 23 (Concert), The second leg of the successful ’24 Karat Gold Tour’ starts in Reno, NV | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• February 25 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Salt Lake City, UT | (Photos, videos, reviews)

“My parents threatened to send me to that Catholic school downtown if I didn’t get a B-plus average [at Wasatch Junior High]. That place turned out to be a lot fun! It was coed! I didn’t brag about it ‘cause I knew they’d whip me out of that school and put me in a convent.”

• February 28 (TV appearance), Stevie is shown twirling a baton on the Late Late Show (Videos, photos)

• February 28 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Portland, OR | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 2 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, San Diego, CA | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 4 (Concert), Private concert in San Diego, CA | (Photos, videos)

• March 6 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Tulsa, OK | (Photos, reviews)

• March 8 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Memphis, TN | (Videos, photos, reviews)

• March 9 (Interview), 
‘Recording ‘Tango’ in my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom was ‘extremely strange’, Miami Herald | (Link)

‘“Welcome to the Room … Sara’ was written about Betty Ford [Center.] I went in there as Sara Anderson – the one and only time I was married, to my friend Robin’s husband Kim Anderson,” said Nicks. “I was inspired by the fact when you go into Betty Ford it is like, ‘Welcome to the room whoever you are,’ because it is one big room and you spend 30 days in there. Quite an experience you go through from day one to day 30. … It is a little more weird when you are famous. People are a little harder on you. I will never do cocaine again. That was my mantra. I will never be ‘Welcome to the Room Again Sara’ here.”

• March 10 (Interview), The Last Word, Rolling Stone | (Scan | video)

• March 10 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Bossier City, LA | (Photos, videos)

“Write it down. Capture the moment, capture the emotion… Otherwise time will fade it away.”

• March 12 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Austin, TX | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 15 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, New Orleans, LA | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 17 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Columbus, OH | (Photos, videos, reviews)

“In 1971 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks moved to Los Angeles. We drove, not in a Toyota, but in Lindsey’s Skylark… That’s why it says in Rhiannon “like a fine skylark…””

• March 17 (Interview), 10 Commandments, Q Magazine | (Link | scans)

“I give Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and [Jefferson Airplane singer] Grace Slick the three nods. From Grace I got her slinky-ness. Janis was just little with a big attitude and big hair and feathers, and a drop-dead amazing voice. And Jimi was completely and utterly humble. So from those three people I got slinky, attitude and humility – and that was my stage performance.”

• March 19 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Raleigh, NC | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 21 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Orlando, FL | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 25 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Charlottesville, VA | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 26 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Baltimore, MD | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 27 (Article), 24 Karat Gold is the 4th most lucrative tour of 2016, Daily Mail UK | (Link)

• March 29 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Indianapolis, IN | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• March 31 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Pittsburgh, PA | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• April 2 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Newark, NJ | (Photos, videos, reviews)

“I was just a little girl when I wrote that song, God knows what it’s about… It’s a little bit… It’s a little bit strange. I was really young and I was going to San Jose State and I had one outfit from a store in San Diego that was called…hu… ‘Strip Thrills’ or something like this. That was where Janis Joplin and Grace Slick bought all their clothes, so I saved my money and went there and bought this beautiful outfit. (…) So I would wear that outfit to San Jose State sometimes, carrying my Goya classical guitar. I was painting the picture… And I would literally walk through San Jose State like this… And I swear to God it was like the Red Sea parted. Because I believed that I was going be a huge rock and roll star, and I was 20 years old, and so all of San Jose State also believed I was gonna be a rock and roll star ’cause even though they didn’t know me, they saw a girl who believed in herself. And what I wanna tell you is… That was just a dream. It was just a dream, but I believed in it. (…) And I want you, in this crazy world that we live in right now, to believe in your dreams and to know you can do anything you want. You’re talented enough, you’re cute enough, sweet enough, smart enough, and intelligent enough… Just reach out into those Bella Donna stars, grab that idea and bring it down and make it happen. Don’t let anybody get in your way ’cause they will. Everybody is jaded. The whole world has gone crazy, don’t believe them. You’re special and you’re beautiful and you can do anything you want. And girls, don’t let anybody get in your way. Wrong millennium. Don’t make me run for politics.

• April 3 (Photo essay), Stevie Nicks: “The Gothic Vault of Lost Songs”, Inspirer | (Link)

• April 5 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Manchester, NH | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• April 6 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Uniondale, NY | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• April 11 (Article), ‘Lessons in Authenticity from Stevie Nicks’, Style Caster | (Link)

• April 19 (Article), A conversation about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Inspirer | (Link)


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Induct These Women: Stevie Nicks

“Stevie Nicks’s influence, much like the songstress herself, is anything but subtle, and after 36 years of prolific and significant contributions to rock & roll as a solo artist, it’s time for this chanteuse to have her own place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

• April 22 (Release), Stevie Nicks ‘Rarities’, Record Store Day | (Link)

• April 24 (Video), Haim sisters on meeting Stevie | (Link)

• May 6 (Interview), ‘Vanessa Carlton Talks the Influence of Stevie Nicks’, Inspirer | (Link)

“I’ve known Stevie since 2004. She was there holding my hand with me when I had my baby. There are some unusual situations that I end up in that I can’t look up in the library how to get through them, sometimes I have to call Stevie. It’s a very interesting life that we lead sometimes. I feel very lucky to have a mentor like her.”

• May 19 (Live performance), The Troubadour with Harry Styles | (Videos, photos, quotes, reviews)

(Gif courtesy of @harryisart)

• May 26 (Article, photo essay), ‘Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Words from the Road’, Inspirer | (Link)

• May 27 (Interview), ‘On the edge of 70, Stevie Nicks addresses a few rumours… head on!’, Daily Mail UK | (Link)

“We became really good friends. She (Chrissie Hynde) calls me the Elizabeth Taylor of rock ’n’ roll. Because I always arrive in [hair] rollers with my big Elizabeth Taylor sunglasses, and my hair’s usually wrapped because it was cold when we first went out on tour.

• June 13 (Release), ‘Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go’, a track recorded for the film ‘The Book of Henry’ is released on YouTube. | (Link)

• June 14 (Public appearance), Stevie attends the premiere of ‘The Book of Henry’ | (Photos, videos, interviews)

• June 19 (Concert), ‘Oath’ launch party, Cannes, France | (Photos, videos)

• June 23 (Release), A new version of ‘Gypsy’ for the Netflix show ‘Gypsy’ is released. | (Link)

“I’m very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ more like I wrote it — on piano. I am very proud of this version.”

• June 27 (Interview), ‘Dreams Unwind: Lana Del Rey in conversation with Stevie Nicks’, V Magazine | (Link)

“Write your songs, but remember that we’re the ones that are here to lighten, to lighten life, to light the lanterns and the little fairy lights and try to keep people going. We have to have hope, we have to believe that this will all end of up okay, and that we’ll all end up okay — because if we don’t do it, then who the hell is gonna do it?”

• July 9 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, BST Hyde Park, London | (Photos, videos, reviews)

(Photo courtesy of @carrie-away)

• July 10 (TV appearance), The Defiant Ones, HBO | (Video, photos)

• July 17 (Concert), The Classic West, Los Angeles, CA | (Photos, video)

“We both have a flair for the dramatic. I saw her on stage with Fleetwood Mac last week at Dodger Stadium and she definitely has a way about her on stage. I’m not saying that I have that same way but you can tell she’s a bit of a mystic at heart, I would say. I’ve had a long-time interest in all things ancient and occult like so many people. I guess I draw on a little bit of that inspiration for my music and for whatever. I love to read up on stuff like that… so yeah, the two witches got together.” – Lana Del Rey

• July 19 (Announcement), Fleetwood Mac to be honored as 2018 MusiCares Person of the Year. | (Link)

• July 20 (Release), Lana Del Rey releases ‘Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems’ featuring Stevie Nicks | (Link)

“She flew through the door. Blond highlights, rose gold glasses, gold-tipped nails, rose gold lipstick, gold chains, gold rings, black on black on black. Very stylish. And meanwhile, I looked like a housewife of 15—flannel on flannel, because it was a cold night. And I was like, Why did I not dress up for Stevie Nicks?At the end of the track, she sings, then I sing, then she sings. I was kinda embarrassed. I was like, “I sound so little compared to you.” And she was like, “That’s good, you’re my little echo.” And I was like, Stevie called me her little echo. It’s a stupid little thing, but she was very nurturing in that way, and not belittling of the fact that I had a more breathy voice. Which I wasn’t even aware of until I was shoulder-to-shoulder on a track with someone with less air in their voice. I felt a little more exposed in that moment. But she was like, “That’s you. You just be you.

• July 22 (Live performance), Don Henley 70th birthday celebration, Dallas, TX | (Photos, videos)

• July 30 (Concert), The Classic West, New York, NY | (Photos, videos)

• August 10 (Interview), 

Jo & Lehmo chat with Stevie Nicks, Gold 104.3 | (Link)

• August 11 (Interview), 

Mike Hosking radio interview | (Link)

• August 11 (Interview), ‘Stevie Nicks invites Lorde to NZ show’, Stuff NZ   | (Link)

“I just think it is such a very unromantic world now because everyone is either always on their phones, always on their computer, or always on their iPod. And I think, ‘Are you living your life? Living in the minute? Do you have to film everything? Take a breath and look at how beautiful it is around you.’”

• August 12 (Interview), ‘I Will Always Be That Gypsy’, Daily Telegraph AU | (Link)

“It’s really nice to know and people tell me that, and I feel a great amount of pride, but at the same time that person — basically the person I am onstage except in much better clothes and much better hair and with heels on — is really the same person I am sitting here right now. I’m pretty much the same person that I’ve always been. I’m nice part of the time and irritated part of the time; that’s really who I am, and I’ve never changed since I joined Fleetwood Mac.” – On being called an icon.  

• August 13 (Interview, TV appearance), 60 Minutes Australia | (Video)

• August 23 (Interview), 
‘Stevie Nicks uncut with Ali Clarke’ | (Link)

• August 23 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Green Bay, WI | (Photos, videos, reviews)

“I can smell all the good food and cake and stuff.”

• August 25 (Article, review), ‘Dear Stevie Nicks’ | (Link)

• August 25 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, St Paul, MN | (Photos, videos, reviews)

(Courtesy of Emily (@golddust27)

• September 5 (Article), ’44 Years Later: Buckingham Nicks Started It All’, Inspirer (Link)

“Stevie was always serious about her career as a song writer, never without a notebook to write lyrics and song ideas in. A permanent fixture at my upright piano, there was a constant melodic beauty that rang through the apartment.” – Richard Dashut   

• September 9 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Ravinia Festival (Photos, videos, reviews)

“Ravinia sounds like one of the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones.”

• September 10 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Ravinia Festival (Photos, videos, reviews)

• September 13 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, St Charles, MO (Photos, videos, reviews)

• September 15 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Youngstown, OH (Photos, videos, reviews)

• September 18 (Photo essay), Stevie Nicks: “Never Ever Give Up Your Dreams”, Inspirer | (Link)

• September 24 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Bourbon & Beyond Festival | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• October 15 (Concert), Cartier Private Concert, Governor’s Island | (Photos, videos)

• October 20 (Concert), Four Seasons Private Concert, Boston | (Photos, videos)

• November 1 (Interview), ‘Rock yourself into the stars’: Stevie Nicks doing it for Tom Petty’, WA Today AU | (Link)

“I am going to be going over the loss of Tom while I am on this tour. Since he just died and I am actually here in my time when, under normal circumstances I would be with his family and going through my grief. But I am here in the arms of Australia and if I was going to be anywhere I want to be here.”

• November 2 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Perth, AU | (Photos, videos, reviews)

“You were awesome! I wanna thank you for being my first show after a supreme tragedy has happened to me. I didn’t really know how I was gonna do this tonight, but all that love, good feelings, all that kindness… I can feel it. And I really feel that you got me through this and now I feel that I can continue on and finish this show. So I thank you. Tom Petty thanks you. We thank you. Good night.”

• November 4 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Adelaide, AU | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 4 (Interview), ‘Stevie Nicks reveals how she almost got kicked out of Australia for singing with Tom Petty’, Herald Sun, AU  | (Link)

“Mick (Fleetwood) and I have actually adopted Harry Styles; he’s the very tall and handsome 23-year-old son we never had. We just love him; he’s really talented and he’s a nice guy with beautiful manners.”

• November 7 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Sydney, AU | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 8 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Sydney, AU | (Photos, videos)

• November 11 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Hunter Valley, AU | (Photos, videos)

• November 12 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour,

Mt. Cotton

, AU | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 16 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour,

Melbourne, AU | (Photos, reviews)

• November 18 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour,

Yarra Valley, AU | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 18 (Interview), ‘How Stevie Nicks fell for New Zealand’, Woman’s Day | (Link)

“In my mind, I’m not old. If you put out a youthful vibe and don’t sound like an old lady, people fall for it. I always tell my young friends, you think you won’t care any more in your late 60s, but you will. So you need to take care of your hair and skin, and get a little exercise, otherwise you’ll just be an old granny.

• November 18 (Interview), ‘An episode with Stevie Nicks’, NZ Herald | (Link)

“As of now, I don’t have a coven. But if I get one, I’ll let you know. It makes me feel like when I was 20 and I knew that I wanted to be a rock and roll star, that I made the right decision to go through the next 40 to 50 years and bring as much wisdom as I could to the people that like my music.”

• November 20 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Auckland, NZ | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 21 (Concert), 24 Karat Gold Tour, Auckland, NZ | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 24 (Concert), The magnificent 24 Karat Gold Tour comes to an end in Dunedin, NZ | (Photos, videos, reviews)

• November 26 (Public appearance), Stevie and Mick attend a Harry Styles concert in Newtown, AU | (Photos, video)

“Silent night, holy night All is calm, …

“Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright…" 

Merry Christmas!

Stevie and Tom onstage in 1981.

Stevie and Tom onstage in 1981.

“Tom Petty was such a music lover himsel…

“Tom Petty was such a music lover himself. That’s what was so fun to to watch as he, in his collaborations, when he worked with Stevie Nicks.
Those two voices are about the two most perfect voices together.
” – 

Melissa Etheridge, December, 2017.