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Is it OK to request a Three Birds of Rhiannon lyric? “If you kill the dark Lord of Death someday I shall be your wife“

it’s done and queued for wednesday!

From Silver Girl – She's got a million bucks and she looks like it

i am in the midst of switching laptops but i’ll hopefully get on this in a few days!

How about some Christine? "I don't hold you down Maybe that's why you're around"

yes, absolutely! good one 💕

Maybe now he could prove to her that he could be good for her And they should be together, please

will make after i watch the oscars!

Ah okay no worries 🙂 How about "What was it that fell Was it One fallen leaf Like the feather that it was" I just checked your tag and I don't think you've done this one. Thankyou!

made and queued!

Hello 🙂 Are you still doing art requests? If so, I would like to request some lyrics from Stevie's Sable on Blond – "Oh and just how deep Do you hold that dream In your hands each night this time" Sorry it took me ages to send this to you.

i nearly always am, homie! lucky for you i already made it a while back 🙂 and no probs! thanks 💕

What’s your favorite Fleetwood Mac album? I think mine is Mystery to Me

oh, what a question! mystery to me is a god tier album, i must say. it’s probably my third or fourth favorite and i try to make a decent amount of edits for it since it almost never gets requested.

i have to go with tusk – lindsey saying damn expectations and heading a punk influenced experimental album that was a commercial flop and baffling to critics AND refusing to apologize for it, plus it being full of bangers, has my respect. tango and self titled 75 are tied for second depending on my mood. rumours is wonderful i just don’t pick it to listen to super frequently because half the songs get played at my work or on classic rock radio a lot. mirage is slept on and say you will is great too.

thanks for the question!!! 💕

How about "Don't, don't break the spell It would be different and you know it will"? from YMLF 🙂

one half of that lyric has been done but i’ll do the second half! 💕

can I request 2? Rhiannon "Taken by, Taken by the sky" and the chain demo "There you go down the road But don't look to me to say goodbye"

sure thing 🙂

Was this lyric done already? Why don't you ask him who's the latest on his throne?

anon oh my gosh!!! it’s so funny i was pondering doing that line just last week!! i already have the painting picked out but i’m going to movie trivia with some friends tonight. i’ll just publish something i have drafted tonight and i’ll make it afterward and queue it for thursday! 💕💕