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Is it OK to request a Three Birds of Rhiannon lyric? “If you kill the dark Lord of Death someday I shall be your wife“

it’s done and queued for wednesday!

From Silver Girl – She's got a million bucks and she looks like it

i am in the midst of switching laptops but i’ll hopefully get on this in a few days!

How about some Christine? "I don't hold you down Maybe that's why you're around"

yes, absolutely! good one 💕

Maybe now he could prove to her that he could be good for her And they should be together, please

will make after i watch the oscars!

How about "Don't, don't break the spell It would be different and you know it will"? from YMLF 🙂

one half of that lyric has been done but i’ll do the second half! 💕

can I request 2? Rhiannon "Taken by, Taken by the sky" and the chain demo "There you go down the road But don't look to me to say goodbye"

sure thing 🙂

Was this lyric done already? Why don't you ask him who's the latest on his throne?

anon oh my gosh!!! it’s so funny i was pondering doing that line just last week!! i already have the painting picked out but i’m going to movie trivia with some friends tonight. i’ll just publish something i have drafted tonight and i’ll make it afterward and queue it for thursday! 💕💕

Would it be weird to request "Real savage-like"?

oh my GOD so the hilarious thing is that i’ve been going back and forth on whether i should do that “lyric” for oh….. at least the past 2 years i’ve had this blog, lol. so i’ll make it tonight! 💕

can you do any lyric from when i see you again? 💛

sure thing! 💕

Were these 2 done yet? "First, he took my heart, then he ran" + "He asked me for my love that was all"

neither, and i’m answering this ask so i remember to do it once i’m home 💕