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Do you have any Tusk images? 🙂

hi! i can’t tell if this is about the song or the album, and if it’s a request or not. my tusk tag is here and if it is a request, shoot me a more specific message! <3

Hey! Love your stuff!!! Wild you do some for Stevie nicks solo stuff? Or maybe some lyrics from Storm

i’ll do both! in a couple of days, i thought i would feel better today but my ear is killing me. thanks for the requests everyone 💕💕

hey there! have you done "thought our harmony was the new harmony / lord, it was a little too strange / and the band played on"? come is one of my favorites so i wanted to know if you already did it or not haha

i’ve done parts of those lyrics but i’ll do what i haven’t done! 💕 i love that song too, so underrated!

have you done “one thing i think you should know / i ain’t gonna miss you when you go” before?

i haven’t! thanks, pal! 💕

Ugh I’m in a European time zone right now so I missed ur post yesterday but I love your art!! Would def be interested in a giveaway etc 💜

oh hey, thanks! i have a british friend and we’re 6 hours apart so it’d be difficult to talk if she wasn’t a night owl lol. thanks for the interest and throw your hat in the ring when i make the post! 💕

I always thought the lyric in the POTU demo was Disappear through the AIR I wish you gone and I don't care but google is telling me its Disappear through the YEAR I wish you gone and I don't care. Whatever the real lyric is can you do that one?

i’m inclined to say air as well, but i haven’t heard it in a while! sometimes lyric sites do get it wrong haha. i’ll listen while i’m doing it and go with my best judgment, since the rumours deluxe sadly did not come with demo lyrics. thanks! ❤️

Surrender The Rain or Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind? 🙂

great songs, i’ll do both! ❤️

Everything you do is just alright And I can't walk away from you Baby, if I tried

yes, oh daddy is so underrated!! will do ❤️

Hii again! Not a request but I'm so glad to hear that message made your night bc you always do w your edits! Keep up the great work and I'm sending you my best wishes! 😊🦋💛

i’m on my phone again so i can properly reply to this: 💖💕💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❣️💕💝💞💓💘💟 thanks so much for being such a sweetheart and my best wishes back to you anon!!!

if you dont mind could you do paper doll

that’s another underrated one, thanks and will do! ❤️