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Gorgeous photos of Stevie performing at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville on September 24, 2017. Photos by Derek Hibben.

At Close Of Day by Maxfield Parrish // “Where We Belong (Demo)” by Fleetwood Mac

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Portrait Of Felix Feleon by Paul Signac // “Carnival Begin” by Buckingham McVie


Happy birthday, Lana Del Rey! 

“You have a beautiful voice and I’ve already learned things to add to how I sing from you. Working on your song has changed me forever because I’ve learned from you. We are witchy sisters and that’s it. That’s where “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” comes from, because we are trying to ride above all the problems and have hope in everything else, but it’s still a world filled with problems no matter how hard we try to change it.“ – Stevie Nicks, V Magazine, 2017.


❝But whatever it was that pushed me to write the words in the chorus — ‘Don’t blame it one me / Blame it on my wild heart’ — that was becoming my anthem after Mirage and Bella Donna.
Basically I was saying: ‘Don’t accuse me of anything, don’t tell me what I can and cannot do, and don’t blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart.’❞

Stevie Nicks, ‘The Wild Heart’ deluxe edition liner notes // Video credit: Sandy Mackenzie


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Daphnis And Chloe In A Wooded Landscape and Granida And Daifalo by Pieter Van Der Werff // “Too Far Gone” by Buckingham McVie

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Stevie and Tom at Hyde Park in July, 2017. 

This tiny footage appears in the newly released ‘For Real’:

Watch Tom Petty’s Poignant New ‘For Real’ Video

I was crying my eyes out every night during the edit,” says Petty’s daughter Adria, who combed through vintage photos and footage of her father to create the clip.

“He had two daughters. He had two amazing loves. He was surrounded by really strong women. The women around him pretty much went their own way, and he was good with that. He gave me a lot of advice about stuff. He was the kind of person who said, “Here’s my advice. If you take it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too.” He was never going to shake a finger in your face and make you feel bad if you didn’t take his advice.” – Rolling Stone, October 13, 2017.

Sunset, Gray-Blue High Tide by Felix Vallotton // “Red Sun” by Buckingham McVie