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‘An Evening With Fleetwood Mac’, B…

‘An Evening With Fleetwood Mac’, Baltimore, Maryland – March 24, 2019. 

Photo credit: @shailarleighan (Thank you!)

‘Heart & Soul Tour’, Atlanta, …

‘Heart & Soul Tour’, Atlanta, Georgia – March 24, 2011.

Stevie Nicks on Phoenix: ‘I’m so sorry I don’t…

Stevie Nicks on Phoenix: ‘I’m so sorry I don’t live here anymore’ – | Phoenix Informer:

Stevie Nicks on Phoenix: ‘I’m so sorry I don’t live here anymore’ 

Stevie Nicks soon will become the latest legend with Phoenix connections to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony in New York on Friday, March 29. 

And it’s the second time she’s been inducted. She been in there for her work with Fleetwood Mac since 1988. This time, she’s being honored for her solo work, including many songs she wrote in the shadow of Camelback Mountain while living in Paradise Valley. 

Here’s a look at several reasons Valley residents are proud to look at her as something of a local girl made good.

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“In 2005 I got invited to Walter Reed Medical …

“In 2005 I got invited to Walter Reed Medical Center to visit the soldiers. I entered Walter Reed a rock star with no problems. (…) As I walked out of the building watching the ambulances come in, I realized I was no longer that girl with no problems, I was a soldier’s mother and I was forever changed.” 

On this day in 2015, Stevie Nicks was awarded a “USO Medal of Honor” for her work with wounded soldiers.

Stevie and Mick arrive at the ‘USO Award…

Stevie and Mick arrive at the ‘USO Awards’ on March 24, 2015.

@danagoldsteinphoto: “Alright, one more of Ste…

“Alright, one more of Stevie Nicks from last week… I do want to say something for the Stevie fans who find this post – that little pouch hanging off her belt has two knobs, with which she is able to control the volume on her mic. From the edge of the stage, I could see that she was adjusting as she went. So while giving a great performance, vocally, and visually, she was also very much able to step back technically and assess in real time how the vocals were working relative to everything else. She adjusted bc she clearly wanted to present the very best experience possible for the audience, and for me, being able to see that happening, watching her pretty up-close listening and reacting without (literally) missing a beat, gave me a new respect for her as a PROFESSIONAL.”

@stevienicks: “And wouldn’t you love to …

@stevienicks: “And wouldn’t you love to love her…” #11days until the @rockhall Induction Ceremony! 📸: @justinwysong

‘Gold Dust Woman’, An Evening With…

‘Gold Dust Woman’, An Evening With Fleetwood Mac. 

Prudential Center (03.13.19) // Photo credit: @danagoldsteinphoto

@danagoldsteinphoto: “Fantastic Fleetwoo…

@danagoldsteinphoto: “Fantastic Fleetwood Mac show tonight! Stevie Nicks in all her glory. Entire band put on an amazing evening.

‘An Evening WithFleetwood Mac’
at Prudential Center (03.13.19)

“Overall, Fleetwood Mac put on a superb and ma…

“Overall, Fleetwood Mac put on a superb and magical concert at Madison Square Garden. There was a feeling of nostalgia in the venue. Stevie Nicks was at the top of her game, musically, and Neil Finn delivered on rhythm guitar in lieu of Lindsey Buckingham. The entire band rocked as a whole. Fleetwood Mac’s live set at The Garden garnered an A rating.” 

Review: digitaljournal || Photo: Toby Tenenbaum via brooklynvegan