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Stevie photographed during one of her 1996 concerts.


“Bon Jovi had picked up on the fact that, before meeting me, that there was no way her could have known what I had lived through… without having lived it through with me… so he dreamed…

He dreamed about what the notorious Stevie Nicks had been like… and what it had all done to her… the indulgences, the lifestyle.
I felt that if he knew nothing else about me… he knew I had a strong instinct to survive.

Someday, maybe all the people who did not go through this with us will understand that considering the generation we come from… we are vey lucky to be alive.” 

Stevie Nicks
on ‘Sometimes It’s a Bitch – TimeSpace liner notes.


Stevie photographed by Ross Halfin in 1995, via photographer’s Instagram account. // Click here to view another picture from the same photoshoot.


Stevie photographed during the rehearsals/recording of Fleetwood Mac’s MTV Special ‘The Dance’ at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA – May 22, 1997.


This beautiful picture of Stevie from 1999 was taken from Norman Seeff’s Instagram account (story).
How amazing would it be if he were to release more images from this glorious photoshoot?

“I get a black bathing suit and a fabulous black-lace sarong thing and kind of tie it around me. And there’s never, ever, a man in the back yard. If there is, he’s banished to the front of the house." 

Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone – May 14th, 1998.

“I knew that Sara was just the kind of song you could fall in love with. Because I fell in love with it. It’s one of those songs that I don’t know where it came from and I don’t even like to take complete credit for even writing it. I think it got channeled through me or something, because I do love it so much and I do enjoy singing it so much. And I still walk to the piano and I’ll sit down, you know, here, where I wrote it, and I’ll just be playing Sara, and it’s like it was never recorded. It’s like it is still brand new to me." 

Stevie Nicks
, In Interview With Robin Ross at her home on May 13, 1994.

May 11, 1998: “50 Most Beautiful People” issue came out. 

Rock Singer 

Twenty years ago she swirled about the stage, a gypsy dervish of gauze and glitter. Today, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks has come full circle: Back on the charts with a reunited Mac’s “The Dance,” she is also seeing her layered hippie look reinterpreted by hipster designers. “I’m feeling like the old Stevie again,” says Nicks, who turns 50 on May 26. And that, says rocker Sheryl Crow, “is a combination of beauty, mystery, talent and power." 

Nicks has only one rule of face. "I never go to sleep with my makeup on,” she says. “People say that I have really good skin, and I think that’s why.” When she’s awake, however, she doesn’t let her mascara and lipstick out of her sight. “I never check my makeup bags when traveling,” she says. “I could get to Germany, and my clothes and equipment will be lost, but I’ll have plenty of makeup and shampoo. It shows clear priorities!" 

She doesn’t joke about her true priorities. She has been sober since 1993, after beating addictions to cocaine and the tranquilizer Klonopin. But by the time she embarked on a solo tour in 1994, and 5’11/2” Nicks had ballooned up to 175 pounds. “When I walked off the stage after the last show, I told my assistant that I’d never sing in front of people looking like that again,” she recalls. True to her word, she lost 30 pounds on the low-carb Atkins diet. “Sure, I’d like to be 20 pounds thinner, ” admits Nicks, who quit a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit last year and treadmills daily at her homes in Phoenix and L.A. “But I think I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not going to be picture-perfect. I just want to be strong.”

Gorgeous Stevie at the premiere of ‘Twister’ on May 8, 1996

hen I was asked to do a song for the movie ‘Twister’, I had my friend Rebecca read the script. She then gave me the “Reader’s Digest” condensed version so I could decide whether to do it or not. As she explained it to me, I realized that this really was… MY story. It was about people who had extreme jobs… like chasing tornadoes, or being in a rock band. Anyway… I really handcrafted this song for the movie. Unfortunately, if you saw the movie, you missed the song… and you certainly missed my message. So I decided to give you the original demo, recorded March 10, 1996 on a 4-track Tascam by my assistant extraordinaire, Karen Johnston. I was living in a beach house overlooking Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway, and beyond that, always… the ocean. When I decided to put this in the “box set,” I called Jesse Valenzuela and he put some “vibe” mandolin on it. I love this song. I hope this time… you will understand it
. – Enchanted Liner Notes, 1998.

Stevie at the Grand Opening of Planet Hollywood Phoenix on March 27, 1994 in Phoenix, AZ.