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Stevie on stage in 1978.

Stevie during Fleetwood Mac’s 1978 tour.

Stevie in 1978, photo by Keith Wessel.

Christine McVie and Dennis Wilson circa 1978.

Stevie on stage at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, PA – July 30, 1978.

Countdown to Halloween with Stevie’s witchiest songs

The Maker Of Birds

Like “Forest Of The Black Roses” this is another song that Stevie wrote circa 1978 for the Rhiannon movie. The lyrics are based on the book “Prince of Annwn”, part of the Mabinogion series written by Evangeline Walton about Rhiannon and the Welsh mythology. Although Stevie has talked about making the movie and releasing the soundtrack several times over the years the song remains unreleased so far.

Stevie on stage at the Cal Jam II festival in Ontario – 1978.

Stevie at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY – August 24, 1978.

Stevie arrives at the Grammy Awards in 1978.

Christine on stage in 1978.