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Fleetwood Mac at Colt Park in Hartford, CT – July 14, 1976.

in the still of the still of the still of the still of the still of the ONE MORE TIME BABY!!!!

I am officially SHOOK that Stevie pulled out those huge platforms again. They looked like they were 6 inches tall. Go girl!

Yep they’re fabulous! Tho I suspect she can only wear them for a short while and not a full show, and that’s why she dusted them off for that one song.

A proof sheet from the rooftop session by photographer Neal Preston in 1981.


Fleetwood Mac perform at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, NL – June 13, 1980. Photos by Klaas Wijchman.

Stevie performed Landslide together with Harry Styles at his show at the Forum last night.

The Mirage Tour – 1982.


Stevie onstage in Amsterdam, 1977.


Stevie and Lindsey at the Sound City Studio in 1976.

Stevie on stage at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, CT – Nov. 10, 1979.