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Stevie on stage in 1988 during Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night Tour.

i once heard a rumour saying that stevie walked in on don henley and chers sister georganne in 1976. do you think it’s true?

I’ve never heard that before but they both dated Don in 1976 so it’s not impossible?

Stevie performs at the Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, IA – Nov. 19, 1983.

whats the point of having an ask box open if you don't wanna reply to fans questions

My ask box is open because I do like answering questions and getting requests but it’s also my blog and I can choose to not answer questions if I don’t feel like it because it just brings on a bunch of negativity that I don’t feel like dealing with.

Stevie in 1981.

I have a whole bunch of messages in my inbox regarding Stevie and her relationships with (married) men and I don’t feel like answering any of those, so I’m not going to, I’m sorry.

Stevie on stage in 2015, photos by Paul Searing.

Christine on stage in 1976.

That doesn't excuse Stevie from being a marriage wrecker.

I never said that, but I also don’t know if she ever actually wrecked any marriages.

Stevie on stage at the Captal Center in Largo, MD – November 25, 1979.