Goldduststevie is 8 years old!

I just realized that this month is the 8th anniversary of this blog. I’ve wasted so much time on this site lol, but I met so many nice Stevie-fans (and a few crazies tbh) and I got to expand and share my photo collection. Anyone else been here since 2010? It was a very different time, remember what it looked like back then? There weren’t even photosets, you could only post single pictures! So much has happened since 2010, in my personal life but also on this site (so many unnecessary updates omg). Anyone been following me since the beginning? Anyway, wether you’re a new follower or an oldie I just want to thank you for following and sticking around! (Also I’m not going anywhere, I’m going down with this ship untill Verizon burns everything down)