a few lil announcements!

  • i’m getting close to that 3,000 followers mark – i’ve already picked out a couple groovy prizes for a potential giveaway, so keep an eye open for that!
  • icymi (after all there are nearly three THOUSAND of yall, oh my gosh), i have an etsy shop where i’m selling home made fleetwood mac/solo career postcards for $1 usd here. if any of you buy one, please message me here and i’ll throw in an additional postcard of another musician for free (i have beatles/tom petty/john lennon/paul mccartney/arctic monkeys/panic at the disco/pink floyd/bob dylan postcards to choose from)!
  • i am always taking requests – non stevie is still slightly preferred at the moment due to the sheer amount of stevie edits in my drafts, but i’ll do anything i haven’t done before
  • one more thing… thanks for following 🙂