Does Stevie have any quote about how to get ov…

Does Stevie have any quote about how to get over a break up (friendship or otherwise)? I need some guidance and I look to her a lot.

Hey anon, I hope you feel better about whatever situation you’re going through. ♥

I’m afraid I can’t think of much she’s said about getting over a break up, but this quote is so adequate whenever things get too overwhelming:

“If I’ve learned nothing else it’s that time passes and anger doesn’t do you much good. Something that seems really bad today is going to be better next week. And things you think are never going to go away soften with time. When things happen that upset me I try to do something that makes me happy.” – New York Times – February 04, 2014.

I was so taken with this movie because what happened to Bella absolutely happened to me. When Edward leaves her and just leaves her, she is out there in the forest and she just kinda drops to her knees and that’s it, she’s just gonna lay there and die. I have been in that position where I thought my life was over, and somebody did just leave me. I just started to slowly cry from the deepest part of my heart. I started thinking about the words to “Lady From The Mountains”, I felt this was Bella’s story and also mine and that point I became forever entranched in the Twilight story. I hope people when they hear it, I hope they feel the hopeless desperation that she felt and that I felt when somebody calls you up and they say the love of my life has walked away from me. Maybe this song will help to know that it’s happened to other people. That same thing happened to Stevie Nicks and she’s still alive.”  – In Your Dreams – 2013

If anyone thinks of more quotes that could help you, I’ll add them to this post, ok? Sending you lots of love whoever and wherever you are.