Hi! Are the any quotes or just interesting inf…

Hi! Are the any quotes or just interesting information on “Julia?” I’ve been obsessed with that song for months now .. thanks!

Hey anon, there isn’t much about ‘Julia’ that I know of… It is said that the title was taken from  the movie “Julia” (1977), based on the novel “Pentimento” by Lillian Hellman. 

“I’m Lily… I’ve been Lily for a long time, actually because in my writing ~ in my book and everything ~ I, when I write about me and my friend Robin who everybody knows that I lost to leukemia I wrote about her and I as Lily and Julia ~ Julia and Lillian Hellman ~ so that movie [Julia] ~ you know with Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave ~ so Robin looked incredibly like Vanessa Redgrave and I ~ I was very Jane Fonda, you know. And our relationship was very much like this like you know ~ come on across the river but don’t forget to tell me that you’re really afraid so in case you fall in I’ll be expecting it. Don’t lie to me and say ‘Alright ~ I’ll do it because you think I’m brave.”
Stevie Nicks, Mary Turner “Off the Record” Interview, 1986

“Singing with Tom and being a guest of the Heartbreakers has only made me see clearly that I want my own band. I do not want a band of musicians who play for the money. I want a band of angels who play for the love. I am not selfish. I do not want the glory of being a queen. I want a band with Lori and Sharon and Waddy and Russell and Bob and Benmont and Roy and Bobby and Davey and anyone else that wants to be in it, and really just whoever wants to be a part of this. I am willing to share it, and I ask very little of anyone. I only ask that you be the best band that you can be. It was only luck.

And as she sits at her typewriter like Lillian Hellman and she cries, ‘Julia, my friend, my guide and my counselor,’ and as Julia becomes part of the ocean and her friendship’s only part of the memory and she fights and hangs onto a thread of life that has become daily more important to her because it is, to her, her lifeline. And as Adria Petty looks up at me with love and trust and expectations of me, I make my choice. I make my decision. When the singer is gone, let the song live on.”
Stevie Nicks reading from her journal, 1981

I hope Stevie knows just how much we want her to record ‘Julia’. ♥♥♥

“It was on the original list. It’s kind of like why the songs that did make the record didn’t make it back in ’75. You have to start cutting songs. When I do ’24 Karat Gold: Part 2 Songs From The Vault,’ ‘Julia’ will definitely be on it.” – Facebook Q&A, 2014