a few announcements

  • i was saddened to hear about danny kirwan’s passing a few days ago. it’s weird, but fitting, that the danny edit i had queued over a month ago published on the day it happened. the last i had read, danny was in some sort of mental health facility, mind half gone. rest well danny – your beautiful music will play in our hearts forever, and i sincerely hope that wherever you are now, you are at peace.
  • i made an etsy shop where i’m selling my home made fm/fm solo career postcards here. there are 40 different 1-of-a-kind styles (i’m new to etsy listing but from what i understand i had to put the total quantity as 40 so it wouldn’t expire after 1 sold, if that makes sense), and i’m selling them for $1 usd + $1 usd shipping for americans and $1 usd + $2 usd shipping for non americans, if you’re interested.
  • hello new followers! thank you for being here 🙂
  • redbubble is having a 20% sale off all items today – my vintage fm tour reproduction shirts can be bought here and my edits can be bought on smaller items here and on larger items here
  • i am nearing that 3000 follower mark – if i reach it, i’ll throw some sort of giveaway together!