Stevie Nicks is narcissistic? I'm actuall…

Stevie Nicks is narcissistic? I'm actually interested to know thoughts on this or why people think this, please don't make a joke of my question because I'm actually curious because I've only heard good about her

Well I’m not the only, there are many fans who feel this way so it’s nothing “new”. I feel like my English isn’t good enough to properly explain what I mean, but it’s basically that Stevie is very self-centered (which isn’t necessarly a bad thing) maybe it’s because of her status of maybe because she was spoiled as a little girl or maybe it’s is just character. There are many examples but one example where it gets a bit ridiculous (imo) is “Soldier’s Angel” a song written about her visits to wounded soldiers in hospitals and then she sings:
I am a soldier’s angel/ 

I am a soldier’s mother/ I am a soldier myself/
I am a soldier’s girl

, she tends to make everything about her.