a few announcements!


  • first of all, i just wanna thank anyone who has ever bought something from my redbubble shop. the small payments i get from rb help cover little expenses like gas, so i endlessly appreciate it, and i hope you all appreciate your edit art or reproduction fm shirts as much as i appreciate you 🙂
  • with that being said, if you were wanting any shirt from either of my shops, redbubble is having a sale on their classic and unisex tees – they’ll be $15 through friday! you can get reproduction tour shirts and shirts of my edits here 🙂
  • i would like to apologize for how inconsistently i’ve been updating. life stuff plus drama involving fleetwood mac equals me not having been super motivated to make edits. i made a few new edits last night, but my drafts are still disproportionately full of stevie more than other fm lyricist. i like this blog to have variety, so if you have any non stevie requests, send em my way!
  • i have ordered some christine mcvie enamel pins based off of this design – they should be delivered to me within the next few weeks, so if you’re interested, shoot me an ask and i’ll be sure to send you the link to buy one on etsy once i receive them!