On The Edge Of 70… A 31-day Stevie Nicks chall…

On The Edge Of 70… A 31-day Stevie Nicks challenge! 

 ↳ Day 15.

If you met Stevie, what would you ask her?

Just like with the ‘how you first discovered Stevie’ prompt, I have nothing extraordinary to say. Maybe I should have made this ‘what would you ask Stevie if you could interview her’ instead; I certainly have many questions I’d ask then… But if I ever met her, I like to think I would just thank her for all the music, the joy, and the magic she has brought to my life. I wish she could understand just how much happiness her mere existence brings to me.

 I sometimes muse about what a precious and special gift it is to be sent to this planet with a mission to affect so many people so positively. There’s the gift of her art, but there’s also the indelible gift of shining light into this world and lightening life. I would like to thank her for carrying out her mission with so much grace and love. 

I don’t have one of those fascinating and life changing fan stories, so I’d just tell her how much stronger she’s made me with her wise words and her example. And again, just how ridiculosly happy she makes me every single day!  

“Her greatest form of advice is how she lives her life.” – Vanessa Carlton 

If she were in a good mood and chatty, I’d love to ask her about trivial things, her favorite everything! And Lily, I’d love to hear Sulamith and Lily stories. Finally I’d try to convince her to hire me as her archivist. I’d do it for free. 😀

“I have come to make you better

I have come to take you away”