Hi! I’ve read everywhere that Stevie did…

Hi! I’ve read everywhere that Stevie did not necessarily enjoy SYW (as a complete product and the process), but I can’t seem the find any interviews where she says that directly?

This is from a 2009 interview (found here, though I’m not sure if it’s the original source):

By the time of Fleetwood Mac’s  last tour, 2003’s Say You Will,
Stevie’s relationship with Buckingham had become so fraught that,
unless he treated her better this time around, she threatened to walk
away “so fast that palm tree tops will fall on his head”.

Now, she says the underlying problem was how much she hated the Say You Will album.

“It was five years ago now so I can say I didn’t like it at all; I
didn’t like making it, I didn’t like the songs, so that tour was very
hard for me.”