Groupie Love: Lana Del Rey by Kim K, Stevie Ni…

Groupie Love: Lana Del Rey by Kim K, Stevie Nicks, Courtney Love, & More – L’Officiel:

Stevie: Dear Lana, are we planning on spending the summer in our fantastic apartments in the Hollywood sign? 

Lana: Stevie! Sweet angel! Yes don’t worry I’ve already began planning the summer but I was thinking we could spend half of our time on that boat we were talking (maybe shoot a video for “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.”) I was thinking we could kick it off on the Summer Solstice — what do you think? 

Stevie: Are we still going to have the fabulous dinners and parties? Long gowns required. (I realize no one will know what we’re taking about!) 

Lana: Yes to fab parties with long dresses, folk music, and all the most fun people in attendance. I started a guest list I’m going to send over to see what you think. (The men are the trickiest part.) Should we invite the local gossip columnists too or keep it low key? I was thinking open bar, but buffet-style only. Lots of twinkling garden lights on our shared deck. 

 Stevie: Have you enjoyed your new record Lust For Life and why, since it’s so different? 

Lana: I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed touring this new record and a lot of my happy feelings about it kicked off when I was talking to you and we were so on the same wavelength about how nice it is to turn a corner for the better. Obviously you have to really be changing to write a record that’s different from the rest of your discography, but it feels good to be slowly catching up in my personal life to some of the more cheerful sentiments I was writing about over the last two years.