For your Stevie themed clothing post:

Target had a beautiful blue lace dress with bell sleeves for a while.
If the place you live has Ross, the women’s section always has amazing tops which I’ve found pair with skirts to give the false impression of a dress.
If you live in Colorado there’s a boutique in Morison which has clothing from brands that Stevie recommends to the owner and she shops at when she’s here.
There’s a store in the Denver Mills mall which had indie clothing and they have a gorgeous maroon dress with batwing sleeves that I would kill for (they have it in emerald green as well).
Again in Colorado, the store Kind Mountain Collective offers beautiful hand died clothing which has a Stevie vibe. It’s up in Idaho springs.
In Georgia in the little town at the base of the gondola ride for whatever the big mountain is, they had a dress with bell sleeves which was this beautiful black patchwork. Looked a lot like the one Stevie wore at the forum.
Thrift stores are amazing.
Indie boutiques in major cities carry beautiful bell sleeved tops and batwing sleeved which again, you can pair with skirts for the effect of a dress.
Look up “large triangle shawls” on Amazong for some beautiful shawls.


Thank you! I hope the anon sees this. ♥