Hello! Do you know if we can watch the MusiCar…

Hello! Do you know if we can watch the MusiCares event anywhere? Like online or on TV?

Hey anon, I don’t know. AXS has aired/airs some of the tributes but I *think* it is only those released on DVD/blu-ray. 

I have the Streisand MusiCares blu-ray, so last year I thought for sure we were gonna get a DVD of the Tom Petty show, but to my surprise, very few shows have been released. You’d think they’d want to stream it and make some money, right?

Here’s what MusiCares had to say when inquired about airing the Bob Dylan tribute in 2015: 

: We record the event with hopes of being able to release it on DVD, but no final decisions have been made.”

Maybe we should start asking them about a possible DVD?