In Stevie's solo Landover show (it's…

In Stevie's solo Landover show (it's a Wild Heart-era show where she was really obviously stoned out of her the whole time), someone hands her their little girl to Stevie during Stand Back, they dance around, and we find out that girl is named Elaine. Was that set up beforehand or did someone just hand her over spontaneous for Stevie?

Elaine herself commented on the youtube video of that performance:

“I’m here, and this was a fabulous experience!!!  I was 5 and my father
at the time worked crowd control at the capitol center.  We are also
family friends of Stevie Nicks.  Hope this helps all of your
curiosity…She is the BEST, and has never harmed me or any child.  For
those who feel the need to always be negative, take it somewhere else.  
Thanks, E“

Stevie having kids onstage wasn’t a rarity, sometimes it was a child picked from the crowd and sometimes it was a child from a band or crew member,.Here are some more pics of Stevie with kids onstage: