“I think Stevie has a particular appeal with women, that is…

“I think Stevie has a particular appeal with women, that is different than her appeal with men. I think men, when their first album came out, we just said about Stevie: “Wow, what a gorgeous woman.” I think women took it deeper. I think there was some connection that Stevie made with women. I don’t really know what that connection was but I think a lot of woman became really fanatical about her, but in a good way. Usually, our gallery appeals to men. Most rock’n’roll photographs of men are heroic, and men are drawn to that. So many times they’ll come in our gallery and their girlfriends or their wives will come over to me and go: “I want to get that for his birthday, how much is it?” So I was up in the gallery the other day and a man came in and said: “I came here because I want to get a Stevie Nicks photo for my wife. It’s our anniversary and she loves Stevie” – like we were talking about – “She’s fanatical about her. She speaks to her.” You know, all these things. Like, “She’s gotta have one of these.” And I said, “Sir, we will make that happen for her” and I’m gonna tell you, as a guy I’ve never seen this before.” – Peter Blachley, owner of The Morrison Hotel Gallery. 

→ The Stevie Nicks exhibition in the New York Gallery opened on October 9, 2014 and set a 14 year sales record.

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