ok um here’s some stuff i remember from my show and sorry if i mention stuff she’s said at other…

ok um here’s some stuff i remember from my show and sorry if i mention stuff she’s said at other shows because i haven’t been keeping up with the stuff from this leg of the tour lol

stop draggin’ my heart around: she phrased it as tom “benevolently” giving her the song and i was like woah, there’s the ten dollar word of the day, lol

belle fleur: she mentioned that “sunset sound” was a reference to sunset sound the recording studio which i actually didn’t know?

enchanted: she winked at me during this song!! i was in row 6 of the a1 floor section and nobody within a 10 foot radius of me was standing up during the whole song! none of them knew it but of course i was up and looking at stevie singing passionately and during the last “whoa oh, i hope you make it” part, she makes eye contact with me and winks. i wasn’t sure if she was me and so i kinda put my hand on my chest in a goofy, sitcom-esque way and said “me??” (knowing that if it wasn’t me, she wouldn’t respond to my goofy gesture) but she just nodded and smiled at me and went back to singing but oh my god!! stevie winked at me!!

new orleans: before the song, stevie said that this one was about a hurricane “not this one, hurricane katrina, but i can’t write another hurricane song” and she said that “we should all take a minute to think about what we’re gonna do to help these people” and after the song, she was like “we’re lucky that we’re not wet, we’re not being blown off the stage” and encouraged everyone to pick somewhere affected by the hurricanes to send “20 or 30 dollars a week”

moonlight: after this song she mentioned that it was about twilight but also that she felt it was about prince in a way and how horrible it was that he was the one always checking on her during her drug days but he was the one who died from them. i’m not sure if she said this remark after moonlight or stand back but she also said that “i feel like, somewhere out there, he’s still protecting me”

stand back: before the song, she talked about how she first met prince at an industry party in 1982 but she accidentally said “1992, way before he was famous” and probably confused most of the audience. she mentioned that he was shy and she had told him that if he was gonna be in this business that “well, you have to talk”. after the song, she said “this is a new story. see these? [lifts her leg to show the tight leather pants she wears under her dress] i told prince he could use this, and he did” or SOMETHING like that i don’t remember the exact wording but basically just saying that prince wore tight leather pants bc of her influence

crying in the night: stevie insisted that “if there had been a single (to the bn album), this would’ve been the single. i’m not sure if it’s selective memory or if she’s genuinely forgotten that that WAS the single? lol

if you were my love: stevie called this a song that she loved singing and told the audience that “it doesn’t matter if i’m singing for all of you or singing alone, i love to sing. i will always love to sing” and that this song really gave her that feeling

… and that’s all i remember! hopefully there’s SOMETHING useful to you in there haha. so glad that someone got the dragons speech though, bc that almost made me cry <3


Thank you so much for this! I’m watching a live stream of tonight’s show and she was just lifting the dress and showing the pants. Priceless! Thank you again. ♥
Oh, and OMG! I’m so happy she noticed you and winked!!!