fleetwoodmacarthistory: hello everyone. so, my car’s engine…


hello everyone. so, my car’s engine head is most likely cracked (which is a $300-$500 repair) and my hours at work won’t go up until at least october. i desperately need money to cover the repair so i’m selling these fleetwood mac/stevie nicks postcards i made for $3 usd each (except for the gold dust woman one, which has just been sold), or vintage mirage tour buttons for $5 usd each (i have 4 buttons total to sell). i will not charge extra for shipping and i will ship internationally within reason (talk to me). if you’re interested, please message me for details. i’ll even throw in a homemade pride flag with your purchase! if not, please reblog this in case some of your followers would like to buy from me. thank you.

the rhiannon post card has now also been sold, but the rest of the postcards + 4 buttons are still available!