Do you know what Stevie was like as a teenager?

Hey anon, it seems that there are more quotes about Stevie as a child and also her decision to become a singer/songwriter at 16, but here are a few quotes:

“I distinctly remember her waving these capes around, imitating the nuns who taught her classes.” – Karen Thornhill (From her days in Jnior High.)

When we were little, we would go to the mall and spend hours at makeup counter after makeup counter. She was always writing songs and poems and creating things. Life for her hasn’t really changed. Her dreams just became reality.” – 

Karen Thornhill

I did make friends I just didn’t have time to make too many. So I was very adaptable, I learned to make friends quickly and to accepted quickly because I didn’t have enough time to waste , to be snooty for 6 months until I decided to come down to Earth and be a part of everything didn’t work at all. So, I just had to be real amiable, and friendly and open to people, or, I would be alone for a year and then we would move.” – Stevie Nicks, 1981.