“MTV: You mentioned that Prince is on the wax…but he doesn’t get credited. Why is…”

MTV: You mentioned that Prince is on the wax…but he doesn’t get credited. Why is that?

Stevie: Well…Prince leaves no clues. We have an understanding, we’re friends, and whatever he wants is fine. I just wanted him to play.

MTV: Did he say, “Stevie, I don’t want credit. I just want to play piano with you”?

Stevie: Uh-huh. We did…just one track. I’d never met him. He was in L.A., and I just called him up and said, “I’d like it if you came.” He said, “Yes, ma’am,” and he actually showed up, not long after, and put on this…awesome part. He’s quite amazing, actually. He picked me up at 9:00 in the morning, and we went to his house and recorded a song, and I was back at 2:30 to get on a plane. We made, like, a 45-minute drive in 20 minutes, going about 110 miles an hour.

MTV: In a little red Corvette?

Stevie: No, a black, sporty car. And the two of us aren’t miserable, either. Once we’re there, he just wrote the song, playing the piano, saying to me, “You’re writing the words.” It was amazing. Then the air conditioning broke down, and I’m sitting in front of a fan telling him, “You have to make me a cassette—I’m not going back without it.” He did, we left, and the recording studio broke down completely. But the song’s really neat. It was interesting, because it was real…disciplined. Neither of us felt like rocking and rolling at 9:00 o’clock in the morning with no air conditioning, but we just…did it, and we’re real proud of ourselves.

Stevie on the recording of ‘Stand Back’ – MTV Interview with Stevie Nicks,
Fall 1983.