Do you know when Stevie started doing the crackhead dance? Has she been doing it since 1977?

Hey anon, I believe the ‘crackhead dance’ has been evolving since its first performances, of course it wasn’t called the crackhead dance then and she didn’t have much time, remember what she said at the Roxy in 1981? “They never let me play Gold Dust Woman that long, ever!

Here’s the dance in 1977:

Although quality isn’t that great, I absolutely love this 1978 performance:

I also love the 2011 and 2012 performances, crackhead dance wasn’t what it is today but they were oh so beautiful. This is my favorite video:

(By the way, everyone should follow Sandy Mac’s channel, she posts the best Stevie videos!)

And in 2013, the dance became more and more enthralling:

But I believe it wasn’t until 2014 that the expression ‘crackhead dance’ was presented to us:

I do this long dance during “Gold Dust Woman” — we call it the Crackhead Dance. It’s me being some of the drug addicts I knew, and probably being myself too — just being that girl lost on the streets, freaked out with no idea how to find her way. Years ago Lindsay would have said, “You can not do the Crackhead Dance onstage. Lose that.” But now he likes it, because it gives him a chance to jam and play guitar. When Christine saw it, she said, “Wow, we’ve always known that ‘Gold Dust Woman’ was about the serious drug days, but this really depicts how frightening it was for all of us and what we were willing to do for it.’ We were dancing on the edge for years.” – Rolling Stone, 2014.

And now we have all these mind blowing performances. Do you have a favorite one, anon?

I love this one from the ‘24 Karat Gold Tour’: