does stevie have any other godchildren other than molly??

Hey anon, I obviously don’t know much, but she’s Kellianne Murphy’s godmother, you can see her in ‘In Your Dreams’. (”Kellianne, one her many godchildren, lives at the house, taking care of the property, and Nicks used it to record her 2011 album In Your Dreams.” – Rolling Stone, 2015.)

She’s also Ruby and Tessa Fleetwood’s godmother. (”Nicks is godmother to Fleetwood’s two youngest daughters, Ruby and Tessa, who live in Los Angeles with their mother. He saw her recently at one of their plays, a musical.“She is the fairy godmother,” says Fleetwood. “And she was so un-dolled-up and relaxed. She’s not worried about anyone taking pics. I love seeing her in that mode.” – Men’s Journal.)

In the mid 2000′s, she dedicated Landslide to her goddaughters “of which there are many”… 
Jewel Rose, Lindsey Christine, Stevie Rose…

I’ve heard she’s the godmother two of one her cousin’s daughters, but I know nothing. Isn’t she also Callais Parrish’s godmother? 

You Can’t Fix This’ is a song written about her grandson Glen Parrish Jr. who passed away in 2011.

When you consider all her family and friends, I think there must be more but it’s a private matter, right?

Here’s a video of a dedication where she mentions Molly Fishkin, Ruby and Tessa: