Stevie looking absolutely beautiful at the ‘Classic West’ concert on July 16, 2017.

goldduststevie: Stevie photographed by George…


Stevie photographed by George Hurrell – 1982.

goldduststevie: Stevie and Tom Petty in 1981….


Stevie and Tom Petty in 1981. Photo by Greg Savalin.

I would love to do a record with LeAnn. I’m ho…

I would love to do a record with LeAnn. I’m hoping that for some reason we’ll get to go onstage and sing this song together.

fleetwoodmacarthistory: Lights And Lanterns b…


Lights And Lanterns by Hans Dieter // “Tango In The Night” by Fleetwood Mac

(available to buy here and here)

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it’s giveaway time! thanks to every single one of you who follow me here, it honestly means a lot. i’m doing this giveaway as a thank you, and i’m rolling it out in two different ways:

giveaway 1 is the homemade postcards pictured above. they are first come first serve, and anyone who wants one just has to message me with their choice, their first name (and last name if not american) and address! every person can have up to 2. i’m also giving away six 8×11 homemade pride flags that i made from printer paper, crayons, packing tape, and love. if you’d like one of those as well, just mention it. you just have to be following me to get postcards or a flag. have at it!

giveaway 2 is for all the other prizes above. there will be three winners. first and second prize get either a david bowie aladdin sane poster (it’s similar to the one above but is still in wrapping so I don’t have exact measurements, sorry) or a tote bag from stevie’s 24 karat gold tour. third place gets 2 fleetwood mac pins. for these prizes, i thought of something fun: send me your dream fleetwood mac setlist! it just has to be 22 to 24 songs with no repeats and with no covers (aka the setlist could have a song from one of the members solo careers, but not a beatles song, since that’s a cover). at 12am central time on july 27th, i’ll write down all the urls of those who sent a valid entry, assign them numbers, and use a random number generator to pick the winners. you must be following me to receive one of these prizes as well. if you don’t answer my message within 24 hours, you will not receive the prize. and just an fyi, you can enter both! but if you want a postcard and plan to enter for another prize, tell me and i’ll set the cards aside for you and send them after the initial drawing – that way, i save money on postage 🙂

thanks again for being here, and good luck!

a few lil announcements

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  • welcome new followers! please know that i’m so grateful that you’ve arrived and that i’m always taking requests 🙂
  • i have about 20 or so fm shirt designs that i’m in the process of editing, so keep an eye out for those!
  • my giveaway is still very much going on – go claim a postcard if you fancy it



Stevie photographed onstage during a Fleetwood Mac concert in Peoria, IL. in 1976.

stevie-nicks-daily: Anon request: Stevie inter…


Anon request: Stevie interviewed by Norman Seeff during a photoshoot in 1999. 

“The magic is not a separate thing from me. The magic is how much I love to sing.”

You once posted gifs from an interview with ph…

You once posted gifs from an interview with photographer Norman Seeff and I was wondering if you could post the full interview? It's on IG but split in different clips and I would love it if you could post the whole thing. Thanks.

Hey anon, I can upload the full interview for you, sure. I’ll post it in a little while. 🙂